August 4, 2012
5 years, 9 months and 17 days since
our Reunion.
Class of 72 - 2008
Class of 72 - 2008

Greetings, Class of '72!  We are having another reunion - is it possible that it really is 40 years later? Check out the pages and we look forward to seeing you August 4th, 2012!

We have also invited the Class of '73 - looking fowrard to seeing everyone!

Join in on the Parkland Trojan Scramble Golf Outing - Details on the link to the above left!


Hi Class!  If you are looking for us - try searching us on Facebook.  We have started a PHS group, and many of us are linking together.  Feel free to search for Pam Speidel Austin,  Carol Woroniak Cannon or Stephanie Plarr Cope on FB - and we will get you linked to the group site.

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What was the name of our class advisor?

Frau Kopperman
Mr. (Big John) Ettinger
Mr. Frederick
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Where do you live now?

Lehigh Valley
Somewhere else in Pennsylvania
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